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A short time ago,to be in possession of a love doll was a disgraceful secret.Now,with the help of cinema (to see the famous French film “I have married a love doll”) and literature (for example,to read Michel Houellebecq),the things have changed.And a celebrated French actor don’t hesitate to drive up the “Champs Elysées” accompanied by a love doll into his convertible….

Latex 100% natural

Our sex dolls are maked of latex 100% natural.
The natural latex is derived from sap of hevea,which is a tree from Malaisia.

Absolutely ecological and hygienic,this matter is very used in the medical circle as well as for the fabrication of protectives,because his texture is very near to this of the skin.

We give to you the accessories !

Each sex doll is supplied to you with a pair of tights,knickers and bra.Regarding the rest,it’s for you to imagine.Hence,give to she the clothings you’d like she wear and renovate her wardrobe according to the seasons.

But,not to worry!She’s even though less extravagant than the majority of women….

The word of the end

And now,dear Visitors,it only remains for you to choose between Sophie,Angela,Amélie,Sarah,Marina or Julie.
Whatever your choice,we’re sure in all cases your favorite will give to you pleasure enough and to spare.

The payment on line according Poupee-latex.com


Step 1 : you choose your model.
Step 2 : you place your order.
Step3 : you pay directly on the website of our partner.

After some days, you get your sex doll into an entirely anonymous package.

Anonymous package

Poupee-latex.com warrant to you 100% anonymity.
The package will only mention the following informations :
- your adress (for delivery)
- our adress :

88240 BAINS LES BAINS (France)

Any outside indication regarding the contents of this parcel.

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